Walking: the new ‘superfood’ of exercise

From the time we’re just mere months old, we’re eager to get onto our feet and to move… and with good reason. Walking can help increase our fitness and keep us healthy; provides us with an ideal mode of transportation; helps us connect with nature; and offers simple enjoyment. As we practice social isolation andContinue reading “Walking: the new ‘superfood’ of exercise”

Eight ways a daily walk will improve your health

When it comes to physical activity, don’t undervalue the incredible health benefits of a daily walk. Research tells us that there are health benefits to exercise — even periods as short as a few minutes. It also reveals that these benefits are increased when we get moving outdoors. You don’t need a gym membership orContinue reading “Eight ways a daily walk will improve your health”

Build your resilience in 10 steps

We all face trauma, adversity and other stresses throughout our lives. There are ways however, that can help us adapt to life-altering situations and emerge even stronger than before. Resilience is an “inner strength” that helps us bounce back from stressful situations such as setbacks and difficult events in our lives, including illness. Developing resilienceContinue reading “Build your resilience in 10 steps”