CAMERON COMMUNICATIONS provides experienced leadership as well as insightful, meaningful, and creative approaches to meet the needs of individuals, organizations and businesses.

Our team, led by Catherine Cameron, includes business leaders with extensive education and professional experience, strategists, marketing and communications experts, media professionals, experts in human psychology, and a dynamic team of technical experts that develop, lead, and manage, much of our work on the digital side.

What do we do? We anticipate needs and problems; we find solutions and make sure they work and evolve; and we bring ideas to life. We’re known for innovation and bringing “new” and “fresh” to the table, before making it all happen. We’re also adept at taking individuals, projects, and even companies, and breathing new life into them. We figure out what’s not working, and we not only make it work, we make it work well.

The coaching arm of our work helps people with character, skill, experience, vision, and immense talent and ability, to grow. We grow leaders if you will. Confident, able, energetic, healthy, visionaries, with the expertise and know-how to lead and grow companies, capacity, and teams, without burnout. We work with companies to help them develop and coach their leadership teams, as well as to identify and coach the up-and-coming leaders they can’t do without. We also provide emergency/crisis leadership, coaching, and management services to clients as needed.

Many of our clients know what they want, but not necessarily what they need, in order to achieve their goals and objectives. This is where we come in. We’re strategists at heart, but as part of the big picture, we offer all of the services below, and more:

♦ Brand building/awareness strategy
♦ Business development
♦ Campaign communications
♦ Coaching (executive development and reputation management)
♦ Community engagement
♦ Content development (blogs/digital, influencer programs, etc.)
♦ Corporate communications
♦ Crisis communication
♦ Crisis Management
♦ Digital communication strategies and management
♦ Executive coaching
♦ Healthcare communications
♦ Marketing communications & research
♦ Media coaching and interview preparation
♦ Media relations
♦ Crisis communication
♦ Mentorship & coaching services for employees and executives
♦ Project management
♦ Public/keynote speaking
♦ Reputation management
♦ Social media strategy and management
♦ Spokesperson training
♦ Strategic communications
♦ Swat analysis leadership (helping businesses carve sustainable niches in their markets)
♦ Writing and editing