Project Portfolio

CAMERON Communications develops strategic communications programs with a creative flair that achieve exceptional results. We’ve been recognized with numerous nominations and awards for our outstanding work. Examples of our recent work include:

vhalogoVHA Home Healthcare
We were delighted when VHA Home Healthcare selected CAMERON Communications to assist with their submission for critical funding for the renewal and expansion of digital marketing services supporting a partnership of providers offering important support services within the City of Toronto. With funding secured, we are working together to develop a robust digital marketing strategy that will address community needs; provide a portal for employee education, training, resources and discussion; while establishing a robust social media strategy that will drive interest, interaction, and results.

opheaOPHEA (Ontario Physical Health Education Association)
We were thrilled when OPHEA contacted us for support
in crafting the perfect messaging for a digital toolkit supporting Rowan’s Law Day and concussion awareness in schools. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with this organization in their quest to support healthy schools and healthy communities. See the toolkit.

ccabhi_logo_webCanadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation
The Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) is the result of the largest investment in brain health and aging in Canadian history – and together with their partners and supporters, they’re reinventing the way people grow older. When they needed their first-ever annual report written, they came to us. We’ve also shared our digital and social media expertise with their team; developed promotional material to share with potential partners, and helped them refine their template for request for proposals.

Tennis Canada
In 2015, under the leadership of new President and CEO, Kelly Murumets, Tennis Canada embarked on a complete re-branding designed to inspire Canadians of all ages and abilities to pick up a tennis racquet, hit some balls, and share their stories. As a senior communications expert and leading Canadian lifestyle writer, CAMERON Communications President, Catherine Cameron, was sought to serve as the organization’s National Ambassador, Active Living and senior lifestyle writer. Crafting content to inform, inspire and motivate, Catherine wrote a popular ‘healthy lifestyle’ blog for Tennis Canada, urging Canadians to optimize their health by way of an active lifestyle that includes hitting the tennis courts.

Urban Poling
Walking more is the single best thing most Canadians can do to improve their health. So why don’t people choose to walk more than they do? Is it because they don’t see walking as a legitimate form of exercise that can help them stay active and fit – even help prevent disease? Add a pair of poles to a walk and you’ve got the makings of a full-body workout offering all the benefits of XC skiing without the snow. That’s right – Nordic walking works over 90% of the muscles in the body, burns up 47% more calories than regular walking, and can increase cardiovascular health. What’s not to love?

CAMERON Communications is delighted to work with Urban Poling. Our work with this Canadian brand has enabled the company to increase sales, educate Canadians about Nordic walking and its incredible health benefits, inspire people of all ages and abilities to make healthy, active living a priority, and outreach to entirely new markets. A digital refresh, a robust social media strategy, an ambassador/key influencer program, an all-new Walk@Work Program to meet the needs of North American businesses ready to invest in employee health, and an ongoing content strategy, are all in place or in the works to position this truly Canadian brand for long term success.

Toronto Hoarding Support Services Network

Hoarding is a mental health concern, as well as a legal, health, and safety concern – and it’s estimated that between two and five per cent of the Canadian population has a hoarding problem.

After extensive consultation with all Toronto area Toronto Hoarding Support Services Network partners, and in order to meet the information needs of those affected by hoarding, CAMERON Communications built a website to educate others (the general public, caregivers and health professionals). The site also serves as a point of contact for those seeking help. A social media strategy for the Network extends the group’s vital messaging, enables the sharing of information and resources, fosters a sense of community among those affected, and instills a sense of hope by way of shared experiences.

CAMERON Communications worked intensely with ParticipACTION from 2010-2014. Catherine Cameron, served publicly as the organization’s National Ambassador, Active Living and as a media spokesperson, giving dozens of radio, TV and print interviews on the subject of physical activity and its vital role in the achievement of optimal health, particularly for children. Catherine also served as Senior Writer for the organization, writing hundreds of blog posts about healthy, active living and sport participation. CAMERON Communications launched the organization’s inaugural social media strategy, managing its presence across multiple platforms for a period of four years.

DeerFields Clinic
Canadians know the choices they make every day impact their current and future health – and can even help prevent disease. Thanks to DeerFields Clinic, Canada’s foremost medical clinic specializing in managing the biological aging process, clients can benefit from personal health programs that incorporate precisely chosen medicines, therapies and customized lifestyle advice enabling them to take control of their health and quality of life.

Inspiring optimal health is something we can get our heads around! We’ve been doing it since 1993 and are delighted to have worked with DeerFields for many years. By way of a robust digital and content-driven social media strategy CAMERON Communications designed and implemented for their specific needs, DeerFields is acquiring new business at an unprecedented rate; is gaining traction as a Canadian health and lifestyle brand focused on prevention and healthy aging; and is positioned as a professional and generous contributor of expert healthy lifestyle content. Did we mention that our President, Catherine Cameron, is so passionate about this client’s mission to inspire optimal health that she writes a healthy lifestyle column on their behalf?

Medcan Clinic
CAMERON Communications was hired by Medcan Clinic to develop a communications strategy that took into account, the company’s business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs. Auditing the company’s practices informed an all-new marketing communications strategy that resulted in a simplified web presence, a content-driven social media strategy, and content designed specifically for the needs of the company’s corporate clients.