Changing Things Up at 50+

I’ve been doing what I do and doing it well for almost 30 years. Safeguarding reputations, managing crises, building brand equity, managing media, leading projects and teams, crafting and overseeing multifaceted marketing communications and digital strategies, writing up a storm, and heading up teams, departments and organizations. I’ve also spent a great deal of time as a spokesperson, teaching, presenting, learning, mentoring, and volunteering.

Just as I’ve helped organizations, business and brands “shake things up” in order to change, evolve, and grow, I’ve done the same personally. Maybe that’s part of the real beauty of getting older. We know what we stand for. What matters. Where we want to spend our time. In my case, I’ve also been willing and able to take more risks – like adopting my second dog, a rescue from Egypt; putting myself out there in support of people, causes, products and organizations I believe in; and even doing a little modelling — something that until recently, wasn’t even an option for people at my stage of life.

I’m always happy to share what I know; to brainstorm new ideas; and to help shake things up. If I can help, or you want to work with me, reach out and let’s start with a chat.