Build your resilience in 10 steps

We all face trauma, adversity and other stresses throughout our lives. There are ways however, that can help us adapt to life-altering situations and emerge even stronger than before. Resilience is an “inner strength” that helps us bounce back from stressful situations such as setbacks and difficult events in our lives, including illness. Developing resilienceContinue reading “Build your resilience in 10 steps”

Good reasons to move your exercise routine outdoors

With the arrival of spring, not to mention COVID-19, it’s time to make changes to your exercise routine. Some people are content to exercise indoors at home, while others already know, or will soon discover, that exercising outdoors offers a multiple of options and benefits. A Scottish Health Survey (2008) of 2,000 active participants foundContinue reading “Good reasons to move your exercise routine outdoors”

Five ways to boost your health at home (while following social distancing guidelines)

It’s easy to feel helpless at times like this. After all, Premier Doug Ford just this morning, declared a State of Emergency in Ontario. I for one, listened to his address and then laced up my running shoes to take my dog out for a walk, smiling at others out for walks, jogs and bikeContinue reading “Five ways to boost your health at home (while following social distancing guidelines)”