10 signs you were a teen in Toronto in the 80’s

Sharing some memories of my life as a teenager in Toronto with my own kids, sparked a trip down memory lane. Those were such carefree days – or so they seemed. Hands up if you remember some of these good times:

  1. Getting gorgeous and dancing the night away (cigarette in hand… it was the 80’s) at The Twilight Zone on Richmond Street West. Think Dead or Alive, The Cure and Pet Shop Boys. More on the Twilight Zone here.
  2. RPM – Canada’s first warehouse-to-club venue that attracted more people than it could hold. Dancers in cages, fabulous djs and underage Sundays. More on RPM.
  3. You bought all your records at Sam the Record Man at 347 Yonge Street.
  4. You went to concerts at Maple Leaf Gardens. I went to The Clash concert there – my first-ever concert.
  5. CFNY Video Roadshow dances at Ontario Place – not to mention some great concerts there too. Think the Spoons, Parachute Club, Luba, Cats Can Fly, Haywire, Doug and the Slugs.
  6. Wearing your Benetton rugby shirt and army pants, or as I often did — your Frankie Says Relax shirt (some things were meant to be forgotten!) and shopping for earrings from street vendors on Yonge St. between Wellesley and Dundas.
  7. Dancing at Club Z on St. Joseph Street. This was the ultimate teenager escape as it catered to all ages. More on Club Z.
  8. Your favorite spots to eat with friends were Toby’s Good Eats or Mr. Greenjeans at the Eaton Centre.
  9. You enjoyed school trips or family outings to the McLaughlin Planetarium. I still miss this place!
  10. Canada’s Wonderland opened in May of 1981 – you left The EX behind for crazier rides in the midst of farmland. I remember taking horseback riding lessons at Maple Equestrian Riding school at Dufferin and Major MacKenzie.

If we’ve sparked some good memories for you too, let us know!