Six easy ways to enhance your health

Man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchenWant to optimize your health without watching every bite you eat and hitting the gym every day? It’s easier than you think!

Get some sleep

It’s recommended that we get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. In fact, just like good nutrition and exercise, enough quality sleep is essential to our health. We all have a restless or wakeful night now and then, but if you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, or awaken feeling you haven’t slept at all, read on.

Drink plenty of water

Though the clear, calorie-free stuff streaming from our taps may not have the same allure as some of the celebrity-endorsed, colourful, or neatly packed sports drinks readily available and usually prominently displayed in stores, water is the smart choice for most of us.

Try a little nature therapy

In recent years, health professionals have reawakened to a powerful therapy with healing benefits for us all. Called Nature Therapy or Ecotherapy, the prescription is simple: head outside.

Take a walk

From the time we’re just mere months old, we’re eager to get onto our feet and to move… and with good reason. Walking can help increase our fitness and keep us healthy; provides us with an ideal mode of transportation; helps us connect with nature; and offers simple enjoyment. Step to it!

Eat smart

A few simple swaps can make your favorite recipes healthier, without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. Try some of our favorites.

Be mindful

Mindfulness and meditation are often associated with states of deep relaxation, focus, peace and insight. Learn about some of the benefits of regular meditation.

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