8 easy ways to extend summer

The last long weekend of the summer has come and gone, but instead of moaning about the winter ahead, concentrate on extending summer. In doing so, you’ll likely get some extra exercise and save yourself some stress. Here are eight simple ways to savour the last of the warm weather this year:

  1. Early mornings are still light enough to begin the day with a brisk walk, a run, bike ride, or even a game of tennis before work. Take full advantage and you’ll enjoy more energy and a happier outlook all day long.
  2. Until the clocks change, evenings are still light enough for after-dinner trips to the park with the kids, for evening walks, or for an hour of gardening. The bonus: early evening exercise will help you sleep better.
  3. Leave the car on the driveway and walk or bike the kids to school and yourself to work. Do it — only 9% of Canadian kids get the exercise they need for health benefits and walking to and from school can help change this.
  4. Dine outdoors — as late into fall as you can. We’ve added a propane heater to our outdoor dining space to help extend the season this year. Dining in nature soothes the soul and encourages us to eat more slowly and to enjoy quality time with those we cherish.
  5. Get in touch with nature by gardening, hiking, apple picking, and spending as much time outdoors as you can.
  6. Resist wearing socks as long as you can…trust me, it helps make winter feel shorter!
  7. Register and train for an autumn fundraising walk or run. You’ll benefit your health and make a difference for an important cause
  8. Enjoy community tennis courts now that they’re quieter and while the nets are still up. Your heart and lungs will appreciate the workout and you’ll serve as an active role model for others.

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