Want to boost your health? Take a vacation!

Having just returned from a blissful vacation in Iceland, France and Italy, I’m feeling re-energized, content, and grateful for the many blessings in my life… my health included. Without it, I’d never have withstood hours of hiking in Cinque Terre, hours of walking in Paris each day, or for that matter, long waits in airports and the hauling of heavy bags off of buses, trains, planes, and in and out of taxis.
There are many proven benefits to taking a vacation — so whether you go abroad or use your vacation days for a restful ‘staycation,’ do it — you’ll be glad you did.
  1. Taking a vacation is a great way to take a vacation from stress and anxiety — and may bring an entirely fresh perspective to the worries you have.
  2. A vacation can boost the physical and mental health of each member of the family – we tend to be more active on vacation.
  3. An annual vacation is linked to a decrease in heart disease in both men and women. Less stress and more activity do wonders for our health!

For more reasons, please see my original post for DeerFields.

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