5 simple ways to be an active role model for your kids

family on beachDid you know only 20% of Canadian adults and 7% of children and teens are active enough to meet the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines?

Few parents want much more than healthy and happy children with long, full lives ahead of them. To increase these odds, it’s vital we make physical activity a priority for our kids and for ourselves.

Since active parents are more likely to have active kids, it’s important that our kids see us participating in and enjoying a variety of activities. Doing so provides a fantastic opportunity to talk with our kids about the benefits of being active at every age; of participating in a variety of activities we enjoy; the importance of making time to be active every day; and of course, to invite our kids to participate along with us.

As Mark Yearwood, Founder and Executive Director of Kids in the Wood Initiative suggests: “Allow your kids to participate in the activities you enjoy doing. For example, I love to rock climb, and I introduced my young nephews to the sport—and they love it. So much better than hearing me talk about how amazing it is!”

Today I’m pleased to build upon Mark’s terrific advice and to share five simple strategies that have worked for me and my family:

1 – Choose active transportation. Walk or ride your bike to work and encourage your kids to power themselves to school too.

2 – Participate in activities you enjoy. Andrew Barr, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Lifestyle Coach at DeerFields Clinic in Toronto, suggests approaching physical tasks like shoveling or gardening with energy and enthusiasm, and inviting your children to participate with you.

Please click here to view my next three tips.

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