10 healthy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday… you’ve got the whole day with which to enjoy something special! Whether you’re looking for a romantic and healthy way to celebrate as a couple, or you mark this special day as one big loving family, we’ve got you covered. Try one or more of these ideas get your heart beating a little faster this February 14th.

Celebrating family style?

  1. Bundle up the kids and plan an outing – a trip to the museum or an off-season trip to the zoo perhaps?
  2. Be active as a family and enjoy an afternoon ice skating or on the toboggan hill. Toast your love and warm chilly fingers by bringing along a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy. Cheers!
  3. Try something new as a family. How about indoor climbing, visiting an indoor trampoline facility, a horseback riding lesson, or building a snow fort and enjoying a winter picnic in it?
  4. Bake and decorate some heart-shaped cookies and share them with those you love.
  5. Show your love for others by doing something special for another family, an elderly relative or neighbour, or by volunteering in your community.

Just the two of you?

  1. Plan a healthy meal, shop for the ingredients you’ll need, open a bottle of wine, and get cooking… together!
  2. No matter what the weather, dress for it and enjoy a winter hike followed by cups of hot chocolate and a shared treat.
  3. Love and exercise can make our hearts beat faster, so combine them for an active date with someone special. Hit the gym, hit the trails on snowshoes, go for a run, enjoy a skating date (and be sure to hold each other upright!), or keep it simple and hold hands on an extra-long walk with Fido.
  4. Indulge in a few spa products and spend an afternoon or evening pampering yourselves with body scrubs and lotions, facials, massages, and do-it-yourself manicures and pedicures.
  5. Plan an entire weekend away. Whether you like to shop, wine and dine, or prefer a weekend of winter sports and evenings cuddled up together with a glass of wine, a warm blanket and a movie, the time we have with those we love should be cherished.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day… your way!

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