5 things I’m doing for a healthier, happier 2016

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions several years ago. These days, I just hope each year brings health, happiness, love, kindness, mindfulness and peace to all. These are things however, that don’t just arrive on a silver platter… we have to work at them. I may not make resolutions, but I am committed to a healthy lifestyle and to teaching and learning from others. Here are 5 simple ways I’m enhancing my health and happiness this year:

  1. I’m swapping my skincare and cosmetic products for 100% vegetarian products that are never tested on animals and are made with natural ingredients.  I’m keeping it real.
  2. I plan to unplug more often and spend more time outdoors. Vitamin “N” (nature) has so many health benefits. Yes, I’ll be wearing my sunscreen!
  3. I look forward to more meaningful and in-person engagement with friends, family and colleagues. I’m “all-for” technology (I’d be lost without it) but it can’t replace the valuable and healthy interaction we can have face to face and in person. If you find yourself like me, wondering where the time has gone (my eldest daughter is preparing for university next year) then stop fretting about what you can’t change, and make the present and future count.
  4. I’m practicing yoga and inviting others to join me. Want to know why? Read my recent feature.
  5. I will continue to exercise daily — but I’m changing things up. My colleague, Andrew Barr, inspired me with his recent feature on exercise and aging, to train harder and smarter. I’m amping up the intensity of my workouts a few times a week, but keeping them a little shorter. I’m also making better use of some of my daily dog walks, by adding poles to my walking workouts to work more muscles – core included.

2 thoughts on “5 things I’m doing for a healthier, happier 2016

  1. Whoa. It’s like you read my mind in this post! I always set resolutions, then (shockingly) failed to complete them. This would bring a sense of failure, when I intended on focusing on a healthier life. Numbers 2 and 3 really resonate with me. Thanks for posting!

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