Cycling to work or school… it makes sense

Yes, I know. It seems much easier to leave your bike in the garage; to place the key in your car’s ignition; and to buckle up as the engine roars to life. Easy that is until you find yourself in traffic gridlock swearing at the guy who just cut you off; fork over another $25.00 for parking; and realize you would have been faster, could have had a workout, and would have arrived at the office in better spirits had you hopped on your bike.

Trust me, it’s a no-brainer. If you live in the city, the weather is clear, you own a half-decent bike, and you know how to pedal, cycling to work or school is the way to go. Here’s why:

Cycling is practical and economical: Cycling is an inexpensive and practical way to get around. My eldest sister, an architect in Chicago, cycles to and from her downtown office every day — a distance of about 30 miles return. She’s never owned a car and when she can’t cycle to where she needs to go, she walks or relies on public transportation. No gas, insurance, parking (or parking tickets!) or vehicle upkeep costs for her.

Cycling will make you happier and healthier:
Exercise boosts our physical and mental health and cycling to work, school, or to run errands is a practical way to fit it in. The more you cycle, the faster you’ll build strength and endurance. It’s also a great stress-buster: you’ll arrive at work invigorated and back home at the end of the day refreshed and without having to worry about finding time for a workout. Commit to cycling and you’ll notice a difference in your physical and mental health from week to week.

Cycling makes our planet healthier:
Motor vehicles are a primary cause of air pollution while bikes produce none at all. Cycling is good for you and Earth!

Cycling is fun… see for yourself:
When it comes to cycling, don’t overlook the simple fun factor. It feels pretty good to reach the top of a hill and to let loose as you coast down the other side, or to speed past cars that are practically parked in traffic. My bike is equipped with an odemeter and it feels great to watch the miles add up. It’s also fun to get to know and ride with other cyclists and to inspire those who don’t see themselves as cyclists, to give it a try. I’ve converted many non-believers into year-round enthusiasts. Are you next?!


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