Motivational tips to help you achieve your fitness goals

Every January, gyms across Canada are full of what regulars call, “the New Year’s resolution crowd.” One can often spot them a mile away… shiny new running shoes, massive water bottles, and the nicest workout wear around for miles. Two months later, most of these new enthusiasts are gone, and not because they’ve met their goals. To the contrary, most disappear discouraged, tired, injured, and with the belief that “next year” may be a better year to begin.

Are you one of these people? If so, stop beating yourself up. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for your good intentions, and ask yourself the all-important question: am I finally ready to make exercise part of my life… for life?

Good. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I want you to think about setting some realistic goals for yourself. Having goals and a plan to achieve them is essential. I typically suggest setting short, medium, and long-term goals… this approach helps us track our progress and gives us more opportunity to celebrate the small gains we make along the way.

You’ve set some goals and you have a plan to achieve them… but are you motivated? Click here for my 8 tips to help you stay on track.


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