Only 7% of Canadian kids are active enough. 10 tips to get them moving

As a parent, the health and happiness of my kids is always top of mind. It makes me indescribably happy (and proud!) to see my now 13 and 16-year-old daughters making smart, healthy choices. Whether it’s my older daughter choosing to exercise as a means of busting the stress of exams, or my younger daughter  modifying a recipe to make it healthier, I think I’ve finally managed to convince them that little changes can add up to big gains.

Having worked with ParticipACTION for several years, I know all about Canada’s inactivity crisis. Over half of our adult population is considered inactive, and when it comes to our kids, only 7% are active enough for health benefits. Most parents are in disbelief when they hear these statistics – they imagine their children to be every bit as active as they were as kids. Not so, and unless we make a deliberate effort to change things, our kids are facing a future of less than optimal physical, mental and emotional health, and quite possibly, a shorter lifespan than our own.

Happily, helping our kids (and ourselves!) to move more isn’t rocket science. Try these simple strategies I shared on my blog at Tennis Canada to get your kids moving more.

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