15 Simple Ways I Invest In My Health & Happiness

Today I’m sharing 15 simple ways I invest in my health and happiness… pursuing my interest in cooking and eating well is just one of them! I don’t have all the answers of course (even my kids are old enough to know this now!), but practicing the following helps me to feel and function at my best.

  1. I exercise every day… often intensely (running, dancing or spinning), as well as at a slower, gentler pace (like walking my dog, running errands using my bike, or yoga in my backyard).
  2. I spend time outdoors and connect with nature each day… in all weather and each season.
  3. I meditate daily, even if all I have is a few minutes.
  4. Instead of eating three larger meals every day, I enjoy several small meals or healthy snacks and don’t eat after dinner.
  5. I avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates and try to eat mindfully.
  6. I try to practice forgiveness and to keep an open mind and heart.
  7. I set goals for myself: short-term, medium-term, and long-term ones and hold myself accountable to them.
  8. I try to have realistic expectations of myself and others.
  9. I make time for my interests and am open to new ones.
  10. I invest in the relationships I cherish.
  11. I wear sunscreen year round.
  12. Where possible, I adhere to a sleep schedule.
  13. I strive to teach and learn something new every day.
  14. A serious person by nature, I’m trying to laugh more, have more fun, and do a little more flying by the seat of my pants!
  15. 5d08f576ad1cd8ecdd33d423ea6fcb7eThe older I get, the faster time seems to go. This impresses upon me, the importance to spending our time well, of making a difference, and of enjoying more moments as they unfold. I’m a big believer in practicing kindness, in listening well, in spontaneity, and in keeping it simple.


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